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According to the principle of the operation, hair follicles are taken from the back of the nape between the ears and are implanted in areas which with no hair follicles, areas that have been affected with hair drop or have few follicles.

From the back of the nape between the ears, a long thin piece of tissue with hair follicles that will not fall-out in the future is taken. The area of the tissue is sealed with a tailor's tail. The sewing area has an effect Read More...

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PRP technique is constantly developing, a revolutionary treatment method in modern medicine. PRP technology, which is not widely known in Turkey; is an alternative method applied to renew the skin layer, healing wounds, acne scars and hair loss.

PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) is a plasma rich in platelets, and also known as autologous blood concentration. Platelets are a special blood cell that plays an important role in tissue healing and blood clotting. Read More

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For the beard and moustache, there is no cure for hair growth in hair-free areas. Therefore, the best method is to implant. It is possible to achieve a more aesthetic appearance through FUE technique in areas with surgical effects, areas with ringworm or areas of hair that are less dense.

According to the International Hair Surgery Association (ISHRS) 2008, that the demand for beard and moustache transplantation was increased by 110% in Turkey and near geographies. As mentioned earlier, there is no cure for hair growth in hair-free areas. Therefore, the best way is the transplant process. Read More

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Eyebrow Transplant

Cultivating eyebrows using the FUE technique can result in natural eyebrows which will not fall-out forever, and can be given the shape that the person wants.

With this technology maximum success and maximum comfort during the operation can be achieved. In this application, incision is not performed. The absence of incision process eliminates both the formation of traces and the risk of infection. Read More

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Mesotherapy Facial, is a mesotherapy drug injected into the facial area. It is known as mesolift. This medication contains all the ingredients of the facial skin, which stimulate the production of vitamins, proteins, minerals and collagen. This process is more effective than other methods. Because the treatment is injected directly into the target area. This increases the success rate and the impact period. Read More

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It is a treatment in the middle part of the skin. Mesotherapy Hair means injecting vitamins, minerals, proteins, and so on. Meaning that the scalp is injected directly with thin needles. Mesotherapy Hair is a transfer of vitamins, antioxidants and drugs that increase blood circulation in hair follicles by direct injection using 2 or 4 mm needles. Mesotherapy is a medical method that transfers the elements that benefit the hair follicles around the tissues. Injections in the skin are done in small doses. This injection in the dermis allows stimulation of cellular metabolism. In this way, the environment is prepared to activate the tissues. Read More

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